The product can be applied in every places and situations where either there is no existing electrical public utility (sparsely populated areas, nature reserves) or the existing infrastructure for some reason (disastrous situation) cannot be operated. Commissioning, depending on size and shipping possibilities, takes one or a few days to supply the required amount and level of power without service disruption.


The product may be applied in two main fields:

1. Under supplied territories

2. Occasional needs

Under supplied territories are mainly in countries with under developed mains – in Africa, Asia – however, in surprisingly many cases they appear in European and American territories having developed mains. Although the product principal is the same, the two different territories expect different services (applications) from the product.

• In countries having developed mains, the power supply of rangers’ houses and farms far from the grids has to be provided according to their needs.

• In the under developed countries, a minimum service is required from the product: lighting and charging the batteries of mobile phones and/or computers.

Occasional usage could be supplying power to various events or disaster scenarios such as earthquakes, floods, etc.