About us: the greENERGY Division

The greENERGY Division was set up by JKH Ltd. to carry out renewable energy centered development and implementation activities, the company has been practicing since 2007, separately from the traditional wholesale business.

The engineers, technicians and economists working for the division are primarily dealing with designing and implementing photovoltaic systems, and researching and realising special solutions for storing the generated electric power.

Cooperation with E. ON. Hungária Zrt.

The cooperation of the greENERGY Division and E. ON. Hungária Zrt started in April 2015, and aimed at designing and building a prototype that was able to supply off-grid electric power in an environmental friendly way in areas not having mains. An important party of the cooperation is CreativEnergy Ltd which company developed safety and property protection solutions of the containerized energy generating and storing system.

Prizes, outcomes

We installed the prototype on 10th of November 2015 on the planned site. The product won the Greenovation Grand Prix awarded by Professional Publishing Hungary Ltd within the theme: “For the more Environment Friendly Economy”


Our division is committed to develop further and improve the prototype, and find the widest range of its applications. We are committed towards environment and climate protection, and our development activities are focused on the said goal.


In accordance with our conceptualised vision, we carry out further developing activities in the direction of hydrogen economy and methanation in order to decrease the carbon dioxide in the climate by producing methanol. So we can realise environmental friendly energy storage and consumption.